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The primary purpose of our business is the commercial procurement and distribution of materials and components for the maintenance and repair of road rail and suburban rail vehicles, especially urban public transport vehicles.



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The company has 10 employees. The company is a family business, our business philosophy and corporate vision are based on the following: to coordinate our family and business plans, which include common values, strategic thinking, a common vision, and the preparation and implementation of plans.

We are a long-term, reliable and predictable partner for all companies, enterprises and institutions connected with us, both in Hungary and abroad. In the past decade, HEXA-PORT KFT. has established significant relationships in the Czech, Slovak, Polish, Austrian, and German markets in addition to the domestic market.

In 2005, HEXA-PORT KFT. introduced a quality management system in accordance with the MSZ EN ISO 9001:2001 standard. The implemented system obliges all employees of the company to fully fulfill the tasks and obligations set out in the quality management system. In March 2022, we introduced the integrated ISO/TS 22163:2017 management system, followed by the ISO 14001:2015 standard in August.

During the integration, we continuously carried out the identification of identical and similar requirements, the unification of the documentation, and based on these common aspects, we also fully implemented the introduction.

Our goal is to enable the application of the requirements based on the ISO 9001 quality management system standard with integrity, the many common elements, common methods and documentation existing in the management systems used in various areas of company processes.

Our wholesale service covers the commercial procurement and distribution of materials and parts necessary for the maintenance and repair of fixed-track and suburban railway vehicles, as well as the repair of the main units of urban public transport vehicles.

Family-friendly measures of Hexa-Port Kft

During our operation, we have always paid special attention to our employees with families, since the founders of the company are also family people. Retaining and helping employees is important to us. Family-friendly measures are applied and continuously developed and expanded in order to retain employees.


  • Increasing motivation and efficiency, creating harmony in family life and work
  • Obtaining the “Family-friendly place” certification mark for the company and the employees
  • Operating as a family-friendly workplace by providing services in the spirit of responsibility.

The scope of the regulation covers all employees of the company and persons employed in other legal relationships for work.

Measures used, in the family-friendly regulations:

  • Encouraging flexible employment
  • Labor Code
  • Discount for employers (wage subsidy, extension)
  • Possibility of part-time employment
  • Job-sharing
  • Work-life balance
  • Information service
  • Understanding, loyalty
  • Providing a supportive atmosphere
  • Continuous contact with those who are absent
  • Respect for rights
  • Providing training and further education
  • Family-friendly measures within the company:
  • Option of home office (working from home)
  • Possibility of part-time employment at the employee’s request
  • Ensuring flexible working as required
  • Professional advancement
  • Providing education and training
  • The possibility of private use of a company vehicle, computer technology (e.g. laptop), and communication devices (e.g. telephone).
  • Organization of continuing education and internal training
  • Holding Christmas dinner, Health Day and other company events for employees free of charge
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Wedding gift/cash/voucher benefits in case of marriage
  • Additional paid leave in case of marriage (3 days)
  • Additional paid leave in case of child birth/adoption
  • Financial support for the time of the first IVF implantation, working time discount for parents
  • participating in the IVF program
  • Provision of paid leave for nursing mothers (legislation: according to Section 55 (1) point e. of Mt.)
  • Providing childcare within the company
  • During a negative event, an accident affecting an employee or their family, fire damage, etc. financial and material support
  • Additional paid leave (3-4 days) in the event of the death of a family member of an employee
  • Organization of health screening tests
  • Contribution to the vacation and rest of the employee and their family members
  • Benefits in case of childbirth
  • Support for parents and grandparents with young children
  • Support for the elderly, ill relatives and retired former employees (e.g. invitation to company Christmas dinner, gift (“support”) baskets)
  • Organization and support of other cultural and musical programs
  • Creating team building programs
  • Monitoring of tender sources

Advantages of family-friendly measures:

- Retaining an employee with several years of work experience - Strengthening employee motivation - Our measures strengthen the bond and loyalty between employee and employer - Employee satisfaction increases.

Our family-friendly activities greatly contribute to the flexible work-life balance of our employees. In practice, it helps both mothers and grandparents. The goal is to create working conditions that allow the employee to work even more comfortably and in a calmer atmosphere, knowing that their family is cared for, while also feeling that their work is important.

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